LockerLookz is a fashionable mix-and-match locker accessory collection. For back to school, all LockerLookz accessories are 30% off. In 2010 two Dallas-area moms, Christi Sterling and JoAnn Brewer, saw how excited their teen girls were about decorating their first school locker. Out of necessity, they invented a ready-made locker design system with coordinated items that are easy to install. These clever moms created a full line of high fashion locker accessories to add up to an entire locker “look” hence their company name, LockerLookz. Design your own virtual locker at    


LockerLookz high fashion locker accessorie

 Wallpaper – Add instant glamour to the inside of any school locker. No adhesives or measuring is involved! Each of the four wallpaper panels are precut to fit a standard locker (with a grid system on the back for odd sized lockers), so all you have to do is put the wallpaper in place and secure with the super strong magnets (included in each package). The clever custom perforated paper even allows a perfect fit around hooks and locking mechanisms.

 Chandelier – The ultimate in fashion statements, add a chandelier to any locker and watch the creative juices flow! The bright LED light is battery powered and has a motion sensor. Hangs from the ceiling of any locker using strong magnets.

Organizational Bins– These stylish magnetic fashion bins come in 5 must-have patterns. Store your everyday stuff from pencils to electronic gadgets.

Shag Locker Rug – Instant color, instant glamour! Not to mention a soft resting spot for your binders, paperbacks and books. Available in pink, aqua blue, lime green, purple or basic black. No vacuuming needed, just fluff once in awhile!

Jeweled Flower Magnets- Add some petal power to your day with a jeweled flower in pink, white, aqua blue, lime green or purple.

Magnetic Mirrors – Each mirror has a high fashion border to mix or exactly match your wallpaper.

White Boards & Markers – Write it down on a stylish magnetic white board. Each board has a patterned border for a splash of glamour.

Come create your designer locker look today!